Prayer is the fundamental backbone of all that we do at Ruwach for without prayer, our efforts will be futile. Our prayer meetings are exciting places to be as we relate with God, pour out our hearts, bring Him our needs and lay our plans and dreams before Him.

Regular Prayer Times

- Saturdays, 8-9am at Eastern Road

- Sundays, 9.30am at Clair Hall (before the morning service).

We also hold additional prayer meetings in the run up to church events, arrange prayer walks around our local community, and host 24hr prayer sessions.

August Prayer Points

From glory to glory - A year of encounter

  • Pray that our celebrations, cell, encounter evenings and other gatherings will continue to be times of encounter and transformation.
  • Pray that people on holiday will encounter Jesus as they enjoy a break from everyday life.
  • Pray that the young people going to Soul Survivor at end of month will have a special time of transformation from glory to glory. Also pray over all the practical aspects of the trip.
  • Pray that we will draw new people into encounter with Jesus and into our church family.

Other items:

  • Pray for the planning and preparation for the 15th anniversary celebration in September.
  • Pray all the Christian camps, missions and holidays happening over summer.
  • Pray for God's favour and wisdom for the continuing Brexit negotiations.

Prayer Requests