Prayer is the fundamental backbone of all that we do at Ruwach for without prayer, our efforts will be futile. Our prayer meetings are exciting places to be as we relate with God, pour out our hearts, bring Him our needs and lay our plans and dreams before Him.

Regular Prayer Times

- Saturdays, 8-9am at Eastern Road

- Sundays, 9.30am at Clair Hall (before the morning service).

We also hold additional prayer meetings in the run up to church events, arrange prayer walks around our local community, and host 24hr prayer sessions.

October Prayer Points

Elders' Advance - pray for God's wisdom and leading for the elders as they spend time seeking Him for direction for the church for the coming year.

Halloween - pray for the protection of the children of the town from the negative influences of Halloween. Pray for the special events that are being organised to provide a positive alternative to Halloween celebrations.

Leaders of Nations - pray for the leaders of the UK and other nations that the Holy Spirit points you to. The following points may help you as you pray:

•             Pray that God will guide them

•             Pray that they are wise and discerning and surrounded by effective advisors

•             Pray for their protection and protection over their families

•             Pray that Christian politicians will have the strength to remain encouraged in the divine call that led them into politics

•             Pray for God's will to be done and for our leaders to seek God in making the right decisions.

•             Pray for our politicians to received Godly counsel

•             Pray that our politicians would find salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

 These points are taken from the website:

This is an initiative birthed by Mike Davies of the CotN church in Okehampton that orchestrates daily prayer for members of parliament. To sign up to receive a list of who to pray for each week visit the website.

Prayer Requests