As a church, we support Tribal Ministries in the Philippines. Tribal Ministries is based in Mangagoy on the east coast of the Philippine island of Mindanao. It is run by Pastor Vic Virtudazo, who works as a full-time minister with tribal people. Tribal Ministries began when Pastor Vic worked as a contract worker for a paper company and was assigned in tree plantations in various mountainous areas. As he travelled between the mountain villages he ministered the Word of God to the tribal people. Many people soon believed and were baptised, and soon a church was formed, meeting in Bislig City.

Tribal Ministries now not only ministers the Word of God, but also ministers to tribal peoples’ needs in the form of food, water and medicines as these people are incredibly poor. The ministry includes a Tribal Day Care Centre, which supports children’s needs, providing secular and spiritual education, along with stationary equipment. Many of the people that they minister to cannot read or write, and the Centre provides teaching in literacy, focusing on Bible reading.

Tribal Ministries has a particularly strong ministry with children. In May 2004 an orphanage was opened, providing a home for 15 children. The children previously did not even have clothes but now have clothing, a home, are taught the Word of God and are sent to the local public school.

Although we have been unable to visit the Philippines thus far, we have supported Pastor Vic as a church both financially and through prayer.