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About Us

Our Team

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Tom & Sophie Partis

Lead Elders


Tom Partis

Lead Pastor

Leadership Team


Alison Beard

Leadership Team


Martyne Balman

Children's Church Leader


Stephen & Alison Beard



Fran & David Sutton-Smith

Leadership Team

Hospitality Team Leaders


Jess Beaumont

Leadership Team

Church Development Lead

Safeguarding Lead


Linda Gibson

Health and Safety Officer

Welcome Team Leader


Philip & Trine Crouch



Charlie Price

Leadership Team


Sarah Gillies

Deputy Safeguarding Lead


Katherine Dutton

Church Administrator

Our Team

Our Mission

As a church, we have a heart for Haywards Heath and the surrounding area. Our mission is to restore communities by bringing people to Jesus, seeing them:

Freed to worship

Restored to wholeness

Established in the family

Equipped for service

Released to minister

Our Mission
Our Values

Our Values

Our values are summed up best in the phrase 'loving God, loving people' and with these eight values here we have expanded on what that actually means at Ruwach. 


We are devoted to God, to the Bible, to prayer, to breaking of bread, to worship and to meeting with each other. (Acts 2:42; Hebrews 10:24-25)


Personal and spiritual growth is a natural result of being found in Christ. (Mark 4:26-29; Ephesians 2:19-21; Ephesians 4:15-16)



We love Haywards Heath and actively look for ways in which we can show the love of God to our community by meeting needs. (Matthew 22:37-39; Matthew 25:35-40)

Empowering Leadership

True leadership does not draw attention to itself but seeks to serve and empowers others to be all they can be in Christ. (Luke 22:24-26)


We are a family church; we believe in supporting and encouraging families, and we view each other as spiritual family. (Romans 12:10; 1 Timothy 5:1-2)


Our mission is to proclaim the gospel and advance the Kingdom of God. (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8)

We want to be the best version of ourselves that we can be and so seek to excel in using the gifts God has given us to build up the church. (1 Corinthians 14:12; 2 Corinthians 8:7)

Holy Spirit

We aim to cultivate the fruit of the Spirit, eagerly desire the gifts of the Spirit and seek to be led by the Spirit in all that we do (Romans 8:14; 1 Corinthians 14:1; Galatians 5:22-23)

Where We Belong

Where We Belong

Ruwach is a part of Church Of The Nations (COTN),  a global family of churches with shared values and a commitment to see the Kingdom of God advanced here on earth. 


Ruwach was planted from Christian Centre Abbotsford in East London, South Africa in 2002. Since then we have maintained a strong relationship with CCA and have built connections to other churches both locally and abroad, most notably through COTN. 

COTN is made up of five separate clusters of churches. We are part of the Heartbeat Ministries International cluster led by Marius and Linda Gradwell which consists of other churches and ministries affiliated with or planted out of CCA. We also enjoy connecting with other UK churches in COTN in London, Kent, Devon and beyond.


In terms of more local connections, we are also a part of the Haywards Heath and District Evangelical Fellowship (HHDEF) – a group of local, evangelical churches who support each other through prayer and occasionally come together for joint services and meetings.


Statement of Faith

To look at our statement of faith click on the link below. The link will open up a separate document on a new page.

Statement of Faith

Safeguarding and Statement of Faith


At Ruwach we recognise the importance of our work with children and young people and adults in need of protection and our responsibility to protect everyone entrusted to our care. To read our full Safeguarding Policy, please follow the link below.

Safeguarding Policy

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