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Ruwach Training


Ruwach Training School

Ruwach Training School (RTS) offers the opportunity for deeper study and is open to students from local churches, as well as those from further afield who wish to study by distance learning.

We welcome:

• Every believer who has a hunger and passion to learn more of the Word of God. 
• Every believer who wants to prepare for ministry. 
• Every believer who wants to find out their purpose and calling in the Kingdom of God. 
• Every believer who wants to strengthen their spiritual experience. 

Ruwach Training School (RTS) was birthed in 2004, operating alongside Ruwach Christian Church in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, U.K. 

RTS is accredited by Global Ministries Bible Institute (GMBI), which is overseen by Dr Leon Van Rooyen and provides internationally recognised accredited training and opportunities for further study. ( For more information about the Training School please email


Course Structure

The School offers courses at Foundation, Certificate and Diploma level. Each subject is taught by means of 1 hour lectures, which take place at Ruwach, Eastern Road at 8 pm on Monday evenings during term-time. The lectures are also available online. To pass a subject, the student must listen to all the lectures and attain a minimum of 50% in the assessments, which may take the form of examinations, study assignments or short essays.

Next RTS Course 

Our next Ruwach Training School Course will be on the topic "The Character of Christ" and it will be starting on September 9th 2024. Please Contact the Church Office if you would like to know more or to sign up for this course.

Certificate in Ministry / Diploma in Ministry

Certificate and Diploma courses vary in length and carry a proportional number of credits. The Certificate in Ministry is awarded to students who achieve 200 credits and the Diploma in Ministry to those who gain 400 credits. Students may be asked to study some compulsory subjects and can choose others to add to these.



The courses cost £3 per session (i.e. Paul's Last Words costs £12 with 4 sessions). These prices are for those from Great Britain, Europe or the United States - for those from elsewhere please contact the office for fee details at
Fees may be waived or adjusted at our discretion.


Ruwach Training School Board Members


Jill Partis

Lecturer and Board Member

Lecturer and Board Member Jill holds a Diploma in Theology (Open Theological College, UK) and a Diploma in Ministry with RTS. Jill has taught as a lecturer at RTS since 2010 and has recently contributed to the writing of new courses. She is currently studying for a doctorate in Theology with GMBI. 


Stephen Beard

Lecturer and Board Member

Lecturer and Board Member Steve Beard has served as an elder at Ruwach Christian Church since 2004, before which he pastored a local church in the UK for 10 years. Steve holds a Diploma in Applied Theology and a Diploma in Pastoral Ministry from Moorlands College, UK. Steve has also trained with RTS, achieving his Diploma in Ministry. 


Tom Partis

Board Member

Tom Partis is the lead pastor at Ruwach Christian Church and has studied under the RTS programme for many years.

If you would like to sign up or log in to your RTS, please click here:



RTS has helped me understand the true meaning of God's Word and how to use it in everyday life.


It’s just so inspirational!


There is a teacher at hand who I can talk to if I get confused (which often happens!) and I find it really good to be in an environment that is free of distractions.


RTS adds a new and genuinely exciting depth to the Bible and has helped me in so much of life and in maturing as a son of God.

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