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Registering a Ruwach Training School account allows you to keep up with a course you are studying or go back to a course you studied in the past. It's a great way to access great teaching from your computer, tablet or phone!

Sign up/log in here:

Please note: by signing up to Ruwach Training School you are agreeing to our privacy policy - click here for more information.

Your account will only give you access to courses you have already paid for. If you would like to study another course please get in contact with the office.

Once you are signed up/logged in you will be able to access courses that you have paid for. These are listed in the 'Available Courses' menu - if you have not paid for a course you will not be able to access the course. 

There may be a small delay on gaining access to your course as it will have to permitted by our admin. If you have any difficulties accessing the course you have paid for, please contact the office by clicking here.

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