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Discipleship Training

Discipleship Training

We believe it is important for every believer to get a good foundation in the Word of God. Therefore, we encourage every member of the church to participate in our discipleship training courses, listed below.

Discovery Course

Understanding Salvation

The Fatherhood of God 
Intimacy with God

Water Baptism
Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Closing Doors

Going Deeper

Membership of the Local Church

Christian Stewardship

God’s Word
Christian Humility

Praise & Worship

The Lord’s Supper

Spirit, Soul and Body

Renewing the Mind


Sessions are arranged throughout the year to teach these topics and they may also be studied one-to-one with a discipler. Booklets covering the material for each course may be obtained from the church office.

Upcoming Courses*

There will be no Discipleship Training this year.

* If you are interested in attending any of these courses, please get in touch with our office by clicking here!

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